OIL FILTER BIB for aircraft and automotive
Oil Filter Bib does away with jerry-rigged oil changes .
Oil Filter Bib prevents disasters like this


“I highly recommend the Oil Filter Bibs. They eliminate the mess of changing oil filters.”

John T
Montana Diamondaire

“Bibs save me time and money. No more cleaning engines with solvent after a messy oil change. Great product!

M Gunderson
Aircraft Owner
B55 Baron – PA23 Geronimo – Cessna 172 – Mooney M20E

“In my 36 years of being an Aircraft Mechanic, I have never used a product like “The Bib,” that catches the oil and the oil filter without spilling a drop. Fabulous product!”

D Herold
Aircraft Mechanic, A&P, AI

Core Features

For horizontal or angle-mounted filters

Core features of the Oil Filter Bib

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The Oil Filter Bib is Easy to Use

Take a moment to watch how simple, clean and easy your oil filter changes can be with the Oil Filter Bib.

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Now Available in packages of 3 and 10


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